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HOUSE OF FANAA  is a lifestyle company specialising  in events, interior, lifestyle products and design, and I had the absolute pleasure of taking them along a journey to completely restructure their brand. I began this journey by asking the company to answer a few questions about there brand and company structure, from there I began to deconstruct the answers given to me to develop a concept that not only encapsulates the brand itself but also to mimic the personality of the owner. This allows me as a designer to innovate new conceptual ideas that support your brand or business idea.

From there I constructed there mission statement :

House of Fanaa offers a promise – a promise of passion and talent with an eye for new ideas and concepts. Interior design is a main focus within my company. Currently studying – Interior Architecture /Design.

There was a list of traits that I managed to extract from the information provided to me and from there I began the conceptual development.

Brand Concept : The appreciation and love of precious stones, metals and strong earth designs ie. marble and granite. ie. one of a kind

This concept aso relates back to the 1920’s by the use of pearls, jewels and embellished head pieces, by staying true to the one of a kind concept.  Marble patterns = uniqueness

Keeping this in mind I have chosen to execute the accent elements by hand, using water colour paint. Everything in design must have a reason for existence, thus the use of watercolours in itself lends to this concept, as water colour illustrations can never be reproduced is its exact form, like the patterns found on natural stones. I combined various characteristics possessed by these precious stones discussed in the concept as inspiration to develop and construct the logo elements and typography.




Stationery: Business card design – rose gold foiling


Type image

As an Information designer using typography readily available becomes a challenge, as there are so many typographical layouts you are competing with. I therefore pride myself on designing typography or letterforms for a brand that conceptually always has meaning to support a brand idea.

With the HOUSE OF FANAA logo i was requested by the owner to design something that can stand alone as a form and be supported by a logo element or pattern, in this case the logo element is the triangular diamond form placed above the text letter form of the logo. This had to be seamlessly done without allowing either one to over power the other. I therefore reconstructed a chosen typeface to encapsulate the forms and traits used with 1920’s design as this is an era of design that the client most appreciates. 1920’s Design traits makes use of triangular forms (represents strength and stability and masculinity, also common form of diamonds) combined with a lovely balance of decorative curves (symbol of unity and a feminine form).

Without staying true to this form but using conceptual planning i reconstructed the typography to curve at the inner corners of the type. By doing this I have given the brands target audience a sense of stability from the hard exterior form but also to remind them of the soft beautiful nature of the products and services the brand wishes to put out. I also decided to omit any crossbars in the letters so that there may be a constant flow throughout again redirecting back to the idea of the circle – an infinite form. By swopping characteristic traits of to opposite ideas I have managed to seamlessly combine them to radiate a single form and idea. Like this all My clients are sure to have letterforms that a specifically reconstructed for their brand. Every little detail will make something unique because it is the idea that radiates through the form to make something original. A reminder to designers and people who seek to appreciate design, : If your forms do not have conceptual meaning or have a reason for being where they are, this may lead to poor design. In design form follows function as a rule in order to have value.

Hof letterform


Letterform designed by Raeesah Mahomed

This is just a little bit of info that went behind conceptualising a communicative design. Once and making sure structure and idea fit hand in hand, I presented HOUSE OF FANAA with a primary logo, variations for the different departments within the company, a submark (commonly seen as a brand stamp), a specific colour palette to promote their brand with, a type family to use on official documents and also a set of rules and regulations in which the brand may be used to maintain trust and stability.

In terms of Information design we did not stop there! I also had the pleasure of constructing and composing a 9 second intro animation sequence for future company documentaries. My aim was to communicate parts of the conceptual development of the brand. See images below.


 fanaa brand

Concept board


HOF story board


Story board for animation development

the animation may be seen on my instagram account @raeesah_m_y

Hope this provided you with a little insight into how much thought goes into this process and this is just the tip of the ice-burg!

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Brand Development: MMT Financial services


Hi There!

Its been a while since my last post! Those who follow me on social media, would know that I have been neck deep in publishing the First Art and Poetry publication by South African Indian Women and its been a roller coaster ride! More about that in a later post.

My brand development for MMT Financial services is long over due, so lets get right to it!

MMT Financial services are registered accounting officers, reviewers, business management consultants, secretaries and tax practitioners. My first thoughts and approach was to put forward this company in the light of financial growth strength and trust. The colour green was very appropriate in this scenario and as an added benefit, it is the owners favourite colour.

With the logo i tried to mimic a graph but not in the traditional sense, I kept in mind the ‘M’ letterform. A triangle is a masculine form and also a symbol of strength, i used this in conjunction with the upward arrow of ‘growth’.

In executing the form of the logo element, I hand wrote the ‘m’ with a calligraphy pen. By doing this I tried to stay true to the human touch and this contributes to the idea of trust and professionalism.

As this is a financial company some distinguishing elements like texture, specific pantone selection and embossing attributes were added to the letterhead for authentication purposes.Through branding MMT does not only gain trust with there clients but with other colleagues and financial institutions.

lr1 lr2 lr3 lr4

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The Dapper Toad : Branding


Something Dapper

As a designer one of my favourite types of work is most definitely branding. I love the idea of helping fellow entrepreneurs make their mark on the world especially with the competitive difficulties that they have to endure when starting a new business. This project for me was most most enjoyable, and definitely helped me push my limits! Thank you to The Dapper Toad.

The dapper toad is an upstarting mens apparel online store. I had the pleasure of designing the look and feel  for this awesome brand. We started off with the ‘frog prince’ concept and continued to develop it into something original that the brand could own as ‘theirs’. I asked the owners of this business Yasser Ismail and Mohammed Raeez Amod to provide me with a mood board that included some inspiring images to base their brand on.

mood board
mood board

I then narrowed it down to these 4 images that i felt I could draw the most inspiration from to develop a front image for this great entrepreneurial venture. I immediately grasped onto the concept of  ‘being a toad within but looking dapper on the outside’ and considering the mood board images I related back to the image of the pocket hanky’s to further my image development.

logo anatomy
logo anatomy

The crown represents ‘the prince’, the ‘shield’  like element within which the frog sits resembles a pocket, not in the traditional sense, but rather that of a jeans pocket, putting emphasis on the idea of youth. The stippled line resembles cotton stitches on garments or in this case the ‘pocket hanky’.

I chose to use the letter ‘D’ as a maker to create balance and symmetry within the spacing of the logo. The colour palette was a chosen preference of the business owners. Thus The Dapper Toad trade mark was born.

logo, black and white and negative application, colour pallete, layout for garment purposes, and selected typeface selected for official documents
logo, black and white and negative application, colour pallete, layout for garment purposes, and selected typeface selected for official documents

The image was now ready to be applied to stationery elements like their business cards where we chose to give the cards a glamorous foiled finish. I along with the clients are giddy with excitement about the outcome. I wish both Yasser and Mohammed Raeez the best of luck with their new venture and also have to say I am so proud and thankful to have been given the opportunity in helping you make your first and everlasting impression on the world.

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_MG_3254 _MG_3227 _MG_3239 _MG_3216

Wedding stationery : Zahra & Nadim


Zahra and Nadim’s beautiful wedding stationery

Working with Zahra for her wedding stationery has officially been the most wonderful experience! On our first meeting her I was immediately taken by her beauty and sweet personality which was so prominent that I felt the absolute need to represent her taste and flare as accurate as possible. She initially spoke to me about her chosen colour scheme and decor ideas and wanted something beautiful “but not too girly” yet “modern” and “whimsical” at the same time. After my second meeting along with her gorgeous sister Ayesha and lovely mum Zainub we came to an agreement on the on there preferred style and theme. It was now my job to bring all the different discussed elements together harmoniously and hope and pray that I match the brides personality exactly.

So I began with the  botanical watercolour painting where I strategically applied design principles in the layout.


Ounce that was done I manipulated a unique typeface to be used for their monogram design and titles of each part of their stationery design.


Slowly each element started to come through seamlessly. I presented to them an entire collection of their stationery collection, which included the nikkah card, wedding card, walima card, envelope design, gift tags, table number, seating tags, table menus and a mint box wedding favour.

_MG_3127 _MG_3130 _MG_3133 _MG_3135 _MG_3155 _MG_3157 _MG_3164 _MG_3162

I am so pleased to report that they absolutely loved every part of the design and I am humbly thankful to have been part of making Zahras’ dreams come true for an absolutely beautiful fairytale wedding.

Thank-you Zahra, Nadim, Aunty Zainub and Ayesha

lots of love…..

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Hi, this is me!

As-salaa-mua-lai-kum (may peace and blessings be upon you)

Hi there! How are you?

First and foremost I would like to introduce myself:

self portrait

My name is Raeesah Mahomed I am a professional designer, photographer and illustrator, age 26 and married. I have a national diploma in photography from the National College of photography where I completed a 1 year course as a full time student. Thereafter I obtained a hounours degree in (ba) Information design from the University of Pretoria (tukks).

SO WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING SINCE 2011 (the year I graduated)!

I have been freelancing, mainly initiated by word of mouth. My work mainly consisted of photography, corporate branding, editorial design and occasional stationery.

So why am I starting this blog?

Well I believe that you always need to move forward and grow in life, constantly try to better yourself in every aspect and always aim high never settle.

Therefore this blog is going to help me grow my business by building a bigger audience, interact with people from all around the globe, help me share new ideas with you, allow people to get to know me and also show case my work and talents.

At the moment I am working on a papery company where all stationery, gifting and paper products are all designed by me. I intend on launching my website soon where you will be able to view and purchase these products.

For those of you who love beautiful stationery, unique and creative gifting ideas, illustrated works of art, branding, pure design, photography or just love to be creative will love what I have to offer and blog about.

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I also took my own self portrait, window lighting! mmm future blog topic maybe?

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